Our Mission

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Computer Investigative Specialists, Inc., instills the knowledge, skills, and abilities to conduct computer and network investigations. Our course offerings cover basic to advanced investigative and forensic techniques.

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We trained over 2,000 federal criminal investigators in basic and advanced forensic techniques to recover evidence from computers. Our experience includes evidence recovery from stand alone computers and local area networks. International participants we trained included agents from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Ukraine, and United Arab Emirates.

Forensic Training

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The five day computer forensic training course includes the latest techniques, procedures, and technologies to recover evidence from computers and networks. The training utilizes open source software to perform evidence recovery. This course is designed to prepare the participant for several of the computer forensic certification designations. Some organizations require forty hours of computer forensic training that is accomplished in this course offering.

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We offer a three day skills update course in Windows Server 2008. This course prepares the forensic examiner for evidence recovery from Windows Server 2008. Several significant changes exist in this version of Windows Server. Clustering of services tends to complicate evidence recovery. Learn the steps required to discover and overcome the new obstacles presented by Windows Server 2008. Our instructor holds the Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator credential.